Commercial Sales

Higgins Creek Farm Blueberry production commenced in 2012 and is housed within a 6 acre fully netted orchard that has approximately 3000 blueberry bushes growing nine varieties of blueberries over a harvest timeline of three months (seasonally dependent). Our approach to farming blueberries is using regenerative farming practices and organic principles. We use free ranging Muscovy ducks to manage pests in the orchard and a flock of sheep to manage weed growth. This limits or nulls the need to use any weed spray and or pesticides. We like to tell people that the “only thing that has touched the fruit you are about to pick is raindrops”.

We are proud of the quality of the fruit we produce here at Higgins Creek Farm. We take a very hands-on approach to the picking, packing and distribution of the berries so we can assure the quality to the customer. All the produce is picked by hand and sorted in our custom-built facility and stored in our cool room until delivery. Where possible we aim to pick to order to ensure freshness of produce. We are fully off grid here at Higgins Creek farm and pleased that we can process and cool our fruit using our own solar power setup.

We currently sell our fruit to local IGA supermarkets and farm produce shops and Lagom bakery in standard 125g punnets in trays of 12. If you would like us to supply your business, please get in touch through the contact page.

Blueberry commercial sales